Nanking Massacre is a “Hiroshima concealment”


南京大屠杀 Nanking Massacre (Full Edition)南京大屠杀 Nanking Massacre (Full Edition)

Nanking Massacre is a “Hiroshima concealment”. USA and China conspired with each other to fabricate it to conceal the greatest war crime of atomic bombs and countless massacres against their own people.

Faye Meadows

If Nanking had never happened, the Japanese army would still have been responsible for the mass murder, torture, and enslavement of people all around Asia, with millions of people dying as a result of their actions. Japan provoked America into WWII, the Americans didn’t just wake up one day and decide to join the war for shits and giggles. There is no one in America that believes Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn’t happen. Some think it was a justified action based on the number of people typically killed during a full scale invasion vs the people killed in the bombing ( an argument about what was the lesser of two evils); while others don’t, based on the principle that attacking heavily populated cities is something that should not ever be considered because civilians are not responsible for the actions of their military and government. There was no conspiracy to make Japan look bad. Accept the negative parts of your history and move on. America has had to come to grips with our enslavement of Africans and our genocide of Native Americans and much much more. Every country on this planet has been responsible for evil, if you ignore history you will never learn from it or understand a different point of view.

Kassyni Savior

Why the fck are you repeating this same lie over and over again in the comment section. You obvious don’t know your history and don’t want to know the truth. In the sense, await your death when there’s another war. Don’t beg for forgiveness this time.


+Kassyni Savior Then can you reply for my question? First,where is material evidence of so-called Nanking Massacre? Second,can you explain logically why there established administrative organ such as the reformed government of Nanking on 28th March 1938? Why was it possible only two months after “the world greatest massacre”? Third,why the population of Nanking increased quickly after Japanese occupation? Why Chinese citizen came back to such killing field? Four,if you say Japan waged the war by her evil intention, Japan should have more peaceful choice other than waging war. Can you teach me it? I believe studying history means finding wiser choice in the past to prevent same wrongness from repeating in future.However we Japanese have not found it still now even after hard try over half a century.Why?


+Faye Meadows Of course Japanese committed many killings,tortures enslavements. But it was war. Are there any country who never did single of such act? Can you point out what only Japan did and other country of the Allies did not?


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